Rose Cottage, sleeps 4, 2 bedrooms, one with a standard double bed and another with two standard single beds, affords truly spectacular panoramic views over the River Dart, Dartmouth, Dart estuary, Darthaven Marina, the Britannia Royal Naval College and upstream towards Dittisham.

The stone cottage was built in 1880 in a sought after position, it has private access to both Ridley Hill and the village centre.  A great location on the sunny English Riviera.  The views are better than our photographs!!!

We are situated on the sunny side of Dartmouth, the other side of the river is in shade for most of the day.  During the Summer the sun is on our garden from late Breakfast to Sunset!  Our side of the river has a micro climate with sub tropical plants growing all year round.

Peace and quiet – no road noise what so ever!

A. Accessibility
Please note that there are 53 steps down to Rose Cottage from where you park the car on the road. Four of the seven owners of Woodland Terrace are in their 70’s plus one who is retired. One of the 70+ year old owners live on the terrace permanently and goes up and down the 53 steps several times every day. Please consider this point which is raised 5 times on our website and also on the agency websites such as AirB&B, VRBO, Booking.
Dartmouth & Kingswear are built on the sides of a steep valley so when walking on the pavements in the area, you will have to walk up and down hills to get to the x3 ferries, buses, trains, shops, etc.
My wife and I are in our 70’s and are used to the stairs as we visit every month, however I would NOT recommend guests to book our accommodation if you have –
1. Children in push chairs, or
2. Young children who can’t safely walk up and down 53 steps by themselves, or
3. People who are not fit enough to walk up/down 53 steps with baggage, or
4. People of a certain age who can’t manage 53 steps.
Please note that Dartmouth / Kingswear is built, in the main, on the side of a steep valley, so most properties have this problem, they just don’t give you pre warning.